Hagua D5T Track dolly kit

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The Hague D5T Tripod Tracking Dolly Kit is a quick and easy to use system that has been designed to create super smooth tracking shots with your own tripod.

It has eight radial ball bearing wheels which set the track width to the correct positions as the dolly moves down the track. As a result the track does not require additional supports going between the two sides of track which makes it quicker to set-up and also allows the dolly to pull the track into place which makes it run smoother.

The D5T Tripod Tracking Dolly is ideal for use on location or in the studio, all you need is a reasonably flat surface.

Track lenght: 6m

Size:- L770mm x W620mm x H70mm. Weight:- 3kg. Transit size:- 770mm x 180mm x 180mm.

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